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We love what we do and we hope it shows through our images. We strive for fun, expressive, stunning images that tell the story of your day and the very extraordinary moments that you are celebrating.

We’re Punctual

'Time is Money,' and we respect that. Whether its a studio or on location, we ensure that we are at the place of shoot much before time. We are always ready with the product before you ask for it and we stay true to our word.

We have magic

You dream it we portray it. We are very passionate about what we do and it is a way of life for us. Its the way we see life and everything around us that translates into something magical.

We love minimalism

We believe in keeping it simple and are drawn to ‘less is more !’ Our photography is extremely pure but dramatic.

We’re responsible

We are responsible for creating and reflecting an image of the person we are shooting and define a strong and independent photography. We have constant discussions with clients regarding the shoot and are well prepared before the commence of any project.

We're Friendly

We are professional, responsive, friendly, approachable and just plain adorable! We make you feel totally at ease when we photograph you.

Hello & Welcome!

Saurabh Dalvi
Professional Photographer

About Me

The Future belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams “- Eleanor Roosevelt

Whenever he came across books, newspapers or magazines what caught Saurabh Dalvi, co-founder and creative director's attention were images and advertisements. At a point, he realized that he didn’t feature in any of the photographs taken during family functions or trips with friends. This was because he was always behind the camera. Eventually Saurabh came to terms with his thoughts and voluntarily dropped out of engineering to pursue what he was passionate about – PHOTOGRAPHY – As a fulltime career. Hence, he engaged himself in freelance projects where he launched his Label ‘cam catches, ‘in Goa.

After spending ten years in this field, Saurabh feels that photography is a line that is learnt best on field. However he attended a short course on photography to familiarize himself with the technicalities involved in photography. But this education didn’t seem enough, so he approached the photographer he looked up to, Gautam Rajashyaksha. Getting trained by Late Shri. Rajadhyaksha was the best opportunity and that is what transported Saurabh from Goan Shores to Mumbai.

He says Freelancing lets him have the time out to think and be himself, this in turn is important for any artist to come along with new ideas and improved vision.

Saurabh currently based in Goa, shoots weddings, fashion, lifestyle, portraiture, commercial, urban landscapes, architecture and scenes of everyday life. He has also has recently ventured into creative event photography. His photographic style is relaxed, innovative and is inspired by fine art photography, design, art, architecture and the world around him. His aim is to capture every photograph with the right amount of reality in it. In this way he gives his clients good images plus a memory to cherish.

Saurabh has the talent for capturing peak moments of emotion from laughter to tears. He uses light to add a dynamic range to his emotionally charged images.

Reality is his style, He says. He would rather show what is real than process what isn’t. He always prefers the candid style be it for Lifestyle, Portraitures or the creative events. This in turn adds more of a natural look to what he tries describing through his work.


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